Piano Action

Piano Action

The piano action consists of thousands of moving parts which transfers the energy released from the players fingers to the piano. The lifespan of the action depends on the usage over the decades.

We have installed new whippens (repetitions) and shanks on this Steinway “upper action” pictured below. The action is prepared for traveling, followed by installation of new Steinway hammers. The hammers in the beginning and end of each section are kept in place as guides to aid in the installation of the new hammers. During the installation process the guides are removed and replaced with new shanks and hammers.

The upper action shown above sits on top of this lower action, or the keys.

The lower action, or keys of the piano.

Steinway grand piano action that was damaged in a flood. It required all new parts.

The same action after replacing all action components and complete regulation.

In the picture and video we are turning the capstan screw to either raise or lower the hammers.

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