Sohmer was known to make a really nice upright and a decent grand in their Astoria, NY factory. This writer (John Ford), remembers going to the Sohmer factory as a child (Dad was friends with Harry J.). Harry would come in every day wearing a suit and tie, and instantly the jacket and tie would be off, the sleeves rolled up as Harry inspected every single piano ready to leave the factory. Heaven help the worker who was responsible for any work less than acceptable in Harry’s eyes. Ford Piano stocks new Korean made (Samick) Sohmer pianos as the old American scale design is used in manufacturing.

We carry rebuilt Sohmer grand and upright pianos. We are also a Sohmer dealer. Please visit our Pianos for Sale section for more information.

* Ford Piano is not affiliated with Sohmer *

  • Sohmer Grand Piano (Carved Case)

    This 7’4″ Sohmer grand features a magnificent hand carved case and a warm rich tone. Manufactured in 1901 and rebuilt in 2002, this piano will provide decades of melodious sound.

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